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    The Characteristics Of Each Type Of MINI SEX DOLL Boobs

    There are 3 choices of typical female MINI SEX DOLL breast shape, and each manufacturer’s name is different. The first is a basic solid breast, the second is a hollow breast and the third is a jelly breast. From the point of view of the characters, the characteristics of each type are easy to understand. The only difference is the internal structure of the breast, but according to the purpose and purpose of the doll, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    What breast option should I choose before purchasing the product? From now on, I will explain in detail the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each type of love doll breast. If you are a beginner, please read this article before buying a doll. After reading the first and second parts to the end of this article, you will be able to clearly understand the essential characteristics of basic solid breasts, hollow breasts and jelly breasts. You can buy your favorite love doll without hesitation! ! If you wish, even if you are a senior customer, please share your thoughts in the comments.

    Distinguish between solid breasts, hollow breasts and jelly breasts

    On the surface, the difference between solid breasts, hollow breasts and jelly breasts is the degree of “softness”. Among the three types, the hardest is the basic solid breast, the softest is the hollow breast with air, and the jelly breast is somewhere in between. Jelly milk is usually the most expensive, but the softness is not the best, breaking the cognitive range of love doll breasts? Therefore, the most expensive type is definitely unknown. Each type of breast has its own advantages, depending on your actual use and the “life” environment of the doll.

    Features of solid breasts

    The chest is a chest made of the same material as the ordinary TPE love doll. Whether it is TPE or silicone, there is nothing special about the internal structure, which is much harder than real breasts. For those who have rubbed real female breasts, this basic type feels like it’s not real fake milk at all.

    Once you understand the characteristics of solid breasts, you may avoid this type as a basic customization option when buying. However, not only the disadvantages, but also the story that has been emphasized many times before, “according to the purpose and purpose of the doll, there are advantages and disadvantages.” Therefore, depending on the person, this strong breast may be your ideal breast.

    Hollow chest features

    As the name suggests, hollow breasts only contain air, because the breasts are empty. Compared with the other two types, it is the softest and has a little elasticity. For beginners, you will feel the most real breasts the first time you experience it. However, different manufacturers have different feelings on hollow breasts, because the manufacturing standards of dolls have different skin thicknesses on the breasts. And most hollow breasts can choose D cups. In other words, the cups from A to C can only choose basically pure breasts.

    Features of Jelly Breast

    Speaking of simplicity, jelly breasts are hollow breasts in which jelly is injected into the air, and have two other excellent properties. It is softer than solid breasts and more elastic than hollow breasts.

    Among the three types of breasts, jelly breasts are the most innovative. Modern mini MINI SEX DOLLs used to have only solid breasts. Hollow breasts are born because many customers say they are too hard and unreal. This technology has improved customer satisfaction, but in pursuit of a more realistic positioning, the most perfect jelly box ever was invented. However, there are limited cups like hollow breasts, and ordinary jelly breasts can only be selected from C to G cups. If it is too large, it may not be able to bear the weight and the skin may crack. If the fourth breast is invented in the future, I think this weakness can be solved.

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