Friday, February 3, 2023

    The effects of high and low temperature on TPE MINI SEX DOLL

    When you buy a life-size sex doll, you can realize how similar the TPE skin is compared to a human's. But have you ever wondered what are the best temperatures for keeping your doll safe? Here we will show you.

    The real expert recommendation is to treat the TPE material in MINI SEX DOLLs exactly as you would treat human skin. It shares mainly the tolerance to temperature extremes, both high and low. However, this claim is not really clear as to the exact temperature range that would be appropriate for the polymer material.
    There is the common belief of mantaining the range of -40?C and 140?C, but there is no proof or studies suggesting that this exact range is correct.

    Studies have shown that you should avoid bathing or washing your TPE doll with water above 40?C; warm or hot water will make the doll to lose its consistency and start to melt away.

    Just as it would happen to the human skin, when exposed to very high temperatures, the skin becomes weak and burns up.
    TPE is a very soft material, and it will tend to stretch more back and forth, but once its consistency is compromised, the effect will be irreversible. The silicone version can withstand extremely high temperatures without losing its built.
    However, the effect of low temperature on TPE polymer may not be as terrible as the effect of high temperatures. Just like human’s the MINI SEX DOLL will feel stiff on the skin, and the “wobbliness” feeling of the doll itself will be suppressed.
    If you keep your doll in a very cold room, it will turn into a very rigid, plasticky and stiff model.
    The cool thing about this is that, unlike higher temperatures, the stiff effect is undone once the doll returns to it’s correct temperature.

    TPE dolls should not be treated in the same way as you would treat a silicone doll, since their skin compositions are different enough. It is primordial to use the guidelines that are given to you upon purchase by the provider or manufacturer. Remember to read your instructions!
    Build the girl of your dreams!

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