Friday, February 3, 2023

    The male sex doll was lying on a bed and sitting half upright

     The bras and panties department was ok, they were A cups but nothing I couldn’t get at any other clothing store. I thought I was out of luck until I came to a wall covered in small cardboard boxes. The clothes they had were of sheer fabric like love doll nylons, stretchy teddy bears and many small form fitting garments that left the nipples and crotch exposed.

    ONE SIZE FITS ALL was written on the sides of each box. A promising thought. Which one do I want? I slowly walked down the aisle, looking at all the perfectly proportioned models that graced the cover of each box. Of course they made it look good. Finally, one thing caught my eye. A black teddiette with suspenders, nylon stockings and white rhinestones. The best part was the high collar connected to a thick choker. That would draw attention away from my chest to my hips and legs that were exposed. With a wink, I could say that I found my legs kind of sexy. I grabbed the box from the shelf and went in search of Sarah and Jessica.

    What I found instead really got my heart beating. She was in a dedicated section of the store cordoned off with a felt rope and marked “for persons 21 and over only”. There were porn DVDs and basic sex toys on the back wall, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. At first I thought they were different customers, but then I realized it wasn’t because they were all wearing really erotic lingerie. I stood on the rope and stared at Coydolls. Perfect Lifelike Male Sex Dolls. I could only see a few as this area was surrounded by a high wall and only had a small entrance. I had to take a closer look.

    None of the employees seemed to be around, so I ducked under the rope and snuck over to the display. There were a dozen of the most beautifully sculpted lifelike love dolls I had ever seen. There was even a male lifelike sex doll, one with a permanent stand that could have been mistaken for a third leg, a perfect male sex doll for girls. I felt my eyes drawn to her, but only because I had never seen an erection and was really curious. A few other customers stood on the other side of the 21+ section watching the DVDs and I dared to touch the male love doll’s penis. A hot tingle ran through my body as my hand could barely enclose it. There was no way he would fit into me. I would surely be killed. The idea that such a huge penis could even enter my virgin pussy sent funny images through my mind.

    The male sex doll was lying on a bed half seated on pillows with all the female sex dolls positioned around him as if they were his little harem. One was even on all fours about sucking him off. I pictured myself straddling him, trying to push his cock inside me so he could enter my body. For a brief moment, the thought made me wet. I was aroused by the idea that I was too tight and that the big man had to use all his strength to enter me. Except for the unfortunate fact that it would hurt like hell.

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