Friday, February 3, 2023

    The sex doll adventure hall has some risks

    The love dolls are made in simulation, there will be some wrinkles in the cavity and it is very difficult to clean them. Maybe after the previous customer used them, the store didn’t actually clean them on the spot and offered them to the next customer to experience, which can bring cross-infection and indirectly cause STDs,” said Yan Wu. From a hygienic and health point of view The male sex doll experience space does have some risks.

    Responding to adult experience salons’ health concerns, officials at Beijing’s Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Supervision Institute said adult experience salons that don’t offer beauty items don’t need to apply for a health license.

    “The population that can accept adult lifelike sex dolls is still limited, and our data shows that most of the domestic users are distributed in the first-tier cities such as North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.” Zhang Yi admitted that while domestic users of the “sex concept” are not open to foreign countries, they are also more conservative.

    However, Zhang Yi said, from the recent emergence of adult experience shops, the country’s awareness of this aspect has been greatly improved, the adult sex doll industry also ushered in a new wave of dividend period. He revealed that he also has friends around him who ask him if he wants to enter the industry as an adult doll.

    So how do you get the right combination of VR and sex robots? A pair of robotic boobs coupled with a VR headset and an operating handle similar to a flashlight? Or maybe invent a special VR doll? I think there might actually be erotic sets for these horny bachelors in the future.

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