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    Unbox and assemble your new split doll

     That day has finally arrived! I believe you have to wait a while, first of all sorry silicone doll and today we sent to you, thank you for the support of Oudoll. We are the best online sex toy store, you find your dream doll. This is where you think of the girl in the night, she finally arrived.

    When you see a huge box on the porch, you can hardly contain your emotions. You barely noticed the delivery man’s presence, and you shiver with excitement as you sign the package. All your thoughts are on the box What a wonderful time to wait What’s in the package? Please don’t get too excited and make quick actions Before you sign your doll, you need to do a simple check to check the quantity of all items and if they all meet your needs. Then, next, you have to be careful to unpack and assemble it correctly.

    luxury silicone doll

    How to correctly unpack and assemble an anime doll, please follow the steps below to operate correctly.
    Step 1: Carefully transport the package to your home with plenty of floor space.

    One thing that surprised many people when they first received their sex dolls was how heavy the package was. Most full-size dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds plus the weight of the box and all items! Upon arrival, your packaged doll may weigh 80 pounds. If you live in a one-story building, you need the help of a close friend, or you can ask the delivery person for help, but it may require you to pay a small amount.

    Finding a large room is a good place to open your package, because you need to carefully move all of the doll’s accessories.

    Step 2: Open the package along the seam with scissors, knife, etc.

    Once the package is placed on the floor of your chosen room, cut the tape along the top edge of the box to open it. Be careful not to damage your favorite sex partner, because the knife is too deep. Gently open the plastic bag and protective plastic of the big ass doll.

    Step 3: Clean your hands!

    Now your new sex doll is ready to come out of her box, you don’t want your dirty hands or smear marks on her original skin! Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the doll to avoid leaving dirt on her smooth skin. .

    Step 4: Detach the head from the new doll

    Put it on your sex doll’s lap and it will be a wrapped foam ball the size of a soccer ball, it’s your new silicone doll’s head. Carefully remove the bubble wrap and pick up the head from the bag. Place the doll’s head on a clean, soft cloth. Once you have a body, you will come back to it later.
    Step 5: Remove all other accessories in the box

    Usually the accessories include clothing, a few small items that you choose, and cleaning tools. Take all these things out of the box and put them aside. It is best to place the doll in a clean bed for assembly.

    Step 6: Use a pair of scissors to remove the foam from the body of the big ass doll

    Be very careful in this step and gently cut the plastic. To avoid damage to the doll caused by mistakes, here is a reminder to be light.

    Step 7: Use a clean blanket to remove the doll from the box and place it on the same bed as the head
    Hold the big ass doll gently on the bed to prevent her from hitting hard object

    Step 8: Mount the head on a new doll and wear a wig

    Follow the correct procedure and attach the doll’s head to her body and wear a beautiful wig. If you want, you can also wear sexy clothes for her.

    Finally, congratulations on getting a brand new luxury silicone sex doll. I wish you can quickly get into a good life and get along.

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