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    What are the ways to get along with silicone sex doll sex dolls?


    Taking pictures of sex dolls is another pleasure for sex doll lovers. Like a gentleman babysitting his girlfriend, he looks at his girlfriend through the camera. It’s another pleasure. Buy new clothes for the sex dolls doll, choose a new wig, pose for the doll and take a photo. If the model is good, pressing your fingers will be more exciting. If it’s spring, it’s under the tree. Summer, on the beach, wearing sunglasses and a straw hat. In autumn, they went to Hongshan to admire the red leaves. In winter, go skiing with the doll. If you neglect some scenery in your daily life, it will definitely be a good memory.
    After a few minutes it should be quite dry. Unpack and oil according to your preferences. Continue to store or put back on the real love dolls. This method is perfect if you have been cleaning a sexy sex doll wig for a long time, as it is deep enough to remove any bacteria, dirt or oil.
    doll sex dolls
    Doll materials in this price range will be low-end silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). If it is a silicone, it is unlikely to be treated with platinum. It will therefore slowly lose its oil and dry out over time. TPE is a great material for male sex toy dolls, but it’s not as lively as silicone when used to mimic the feeling of a real woman. It also has more pores than real dolls, so over time it absorbs more silicon and blemishes start to appear.
    Their well-designed appearance speaks for itself. When drawing their craft, they are neither boring nor inorganic. However, they have pragmatic perspectives. It takes a fusion of analysis and creativity to bring these abstract models to life.

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