Friday, February 3, 2023

    Why I'm not jealous of men's silicone dolls

     We can suppress it, ban it, deny it, and talk about it in small words. We are and remain slaves to our nature and education. All sane humans-I emphasize everyone-want to have sex with the perfect optical partner and deny this lie. -Basta.

    Nature has programmed all of us for reproduction. In addition to this, there is a society focused on optics. This delves into us every day. Its appeal is important to success, fame and money.

    But the reality looks different. Few people are visually perfect. Even so, he has long been aware of this and uses it primarily for his own benefit. There are countless examples of how visually perfect women and men can take advantage of this in love. That is the reality and nothing else.

    Realistic love dolls-for me-are the perfect way to get out of this dilemma. It meets everyone’s desire for a perfect optical partner in bed, and also meets part of our education. Intimacy and kindness are needed. Partners don’t have to satisfy hell anymore. Also, if this is not possible or desired, it will not be suppressed by any means.

    Love doll man

    When the pressure is gone, love among people becomes precious

    When that pressure is taken in love, there is ultimately room for what makes people in relationships. She is a great conflict resolver or cook, or because her artistic streak fascinates me, she shares the same hobbies as me, and her spontaneity and skill in bed is also great. Makes me laugh so I can love my partner! There are many aspects to love, and once you use a sex doll to break education and nature, you can be more relaxed in love.

    And that’s why I’m not jealous of male love doll buddies. I’m not Adonis, I know the fact that every woman needs to have the same sex with a visually perfect man as well as a visually perfect woman. Everything else is a lie. All of us are programmed for conservation, especially between the ages of 20 and 50. And I’m satisfying her ten times more than a love doll, always denying myself, thinking Brett Pitt as a sexist rather than me, and fly as soon as a visually superior man arrives. To make.

    Dutch wife is a true sexual revolution of love for me. The fact that we don’t use them, instead demonize them and drive them out of bed into relationships, speaks for itself. It represents a society that is happy and therefore prefers to deny its true nature and individual education rather than recognizing the greatness of human love. And as long as this is the case, no one tells me anything about the modern sexual revolution!

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