Friday, February 3, 2023

    Why is the silicone doll so popular?


    Most men who use silicone dolls are lonely single men, perhaps because of unsuccessful interaction with women in reality, and also because of their own shyness. They are no different from normal people except they use dolls to satisfy their libido and rich life.
    Girls today are very realistic and influenced by this material age. Even if men and women in real life want to get married, men must possess certain material conditions. It is even said that men without money do not deserve to have love. It is unfair treatment. This topic is global.
    Silicone dolls for adults
    It is for these reasons that silicone dolls are triggering a resurgence. Inferior men, shy men and more and more men without a partner. Even if you spend a lot of money, you must buy a customization doll as your own sex partner. Each user has a different starting point and thinking. As a sexual partner, there are also more than sexual partners.
    Like other owners, they cherish their customizable dolls, buy clothes for them, wear jewelry, and wipe off makeup. More men surveyed are reluctant to reveal their faces because they are afraid to have relationships with real women. A small number of people still do not accept the fact that a normal man uses a customize doll and think that it is not normal. In my opinion, it’s just a way for men to relieve their desires and pressures.

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